Segnalazione – Red Cheeks – Monique Vane

Scheda Tecnica

  • Titolo: Red Cheeks
  • Autore: Monique Vane
  • Copertina e impaginazione: Palma Caramia
  • Traduzione: Erika Vacchi
  • Copertina flessibile : 241 pagine
  • Editore : Independently published
  • Data pubblicazione: 25 ottobre 2020
  • Lingua: : Inglese
  • Genere: Contemporany Romance
  • Cartaceo: 11,99 euro
  • Ebook: 2,69 euro
  • Kindle Unlimited: disponibile


Absence cannot be filled nor replaced, but fate can surprise you, filling those voids that you feel so deep. I was secretly in love with him all through high school, but life tore us apart, until it brought him back into my life. His face is more mature, his look more intense, his mouth incredibly sinful. I know that this time I will give in. I know he will have me forever, but I don’t know how I will get out of this.


Monique Vane is a pseudonym, which was created the moment Dorian Gray came into my life. I am 26 years old and I was born and raised in Milan and graduated in turistic operator and technician, now I’m currently living in Bari. I deeply love Milan and as soon as I can I go there to see my family. My writing passion started as soon as I felt the need to bring out parts of me that I was uncomfortable with. I did this partly for therapy, partly to make me feel better and better. The first book I published is “Legate per sempre” written together with Claire Heart.

Instagram: moniquevaneauthor Facebook: Monique Vane Author


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