Review – I hear you every night – Maida Bovolenta

  • TITLE: I hear you every night – English Edition
  • AUTHOR: Maida Bovolenta
  • EDITOR: Self Publishing
  • GENRE: Female Fiction
  • PRICE EBOOK: 3,54 euro
  • KU: Yes


In the magical atmosphere of Dublin, where music dominates and the ancient medieval buildings coexist with the countless and colorful pubs, there are two hearts, two lost souls, who wander among the pebbles in the middle of the street artists, dragging an inner void, made up of questions they can’t answer. Their natural habitat is at night, when the city lights go out and the darkness hides any imperfections.

Dante’s hell of the daily routine becomes their Zen garden. And the heart, which in desolation slows down the rhythm until it no longer feels anything, finally beats again. Out of amazement, out of emotion, out of joy, until feeling becomes true salvation. Is it a love story? Is it a ransom story? It is simply a story.


The protagonists of this story are Carol and Ryan.

She, looks like a very fine person, is a nurse, and this will lead her to inevitably bind herself to the patients, above all towards those over age.

Although her workplace is routine, one day something unpredictable will happen that will change her life.

Peace was that, to lie in the sun and leave everything else out.

Ryan appears temperamentally very reluctant, but this will not affect his work as a radio speaker, where he manages the nightly broadcast The Secret Room.

At night I seemed to see everything more clearly and, only in this moment, could he feel that intimate empathy that disconnected him from the outside and put him in tune only with the person, who at that moment, was in contact with him.

Destiny will make the two young men notice each other, at the beginning the result will be bad, but then Carol contacting Ryan’s transmission will change the cards on the table.

Will Carol and Ryan really get to know each other?

I found this story very engaging, Maida has a clean and flowing writing style, I loved it. He also excited and entertained me with his decidedly ironic notes.

I absolutely recommend it since it is a very pleasant reading!


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